Homemade Christmas Decorations Using Things from the Garden

Homemade Christmas Decorations Using Things from the Garden

As Christmas approaches and we all become increasingly focused on gift giving, it’s easy to view the holidays as a money spending exercise but, with DIY decorations, getting into the Christmas spirit doesn’t need to cost much at all! Using just a few simple things from your garden, it’s easy to add some festive cheer to your home, spend quality time with loved ones and not break the bank in the process! Whether you’d like to turn your garden into a winter wonderland or you’d just like to enhance your home with some seasonal touches, we’ve got some easy DIY crafts for you to try out this Christmas.

Add festive scent and style with a dried fruit garland

There’s nothing quite like the welcoming smell of orange and cloves at Christmas time. If you’re lucky enough to have a citrus tree, a beautiful scented garland could be your ideal Christmas decoration. However, if you’re not the proud owner of any citrus plants, shop bought oranges and locally grown apples will work just as well! To make your seasonal garland, preheat your oven to 100 degrees, thinly slice your fruit and place on a baking tray to dry in the oven for around 6 hours. Straight after drying, use a skewer to create a hole in the centre and then allow to cool. Once cool, simply string your fruit along a robust piece of string in your desired pattern. For a classic style, you can just stick to fruit but for a more elaborate design, you can pair with cinnamon sticks and sparkly red ribbons. Once your garland is finished, you can hang it in your home and enjoy the warming scent or place on the table as a fabulous festive centre piece. 

Transform your garden into a winter wonderland

Although a frosty garden might not be the most inviting place to spend time in the winter, the addition of some seasonal decor can help you to make the most of your garden, whatever the weather. Before adding any decorations, December is the perfect time to treat your garden furniture to make sure it will be just as beautiful when spring arrives. Our teak oil is the perfect way to maintain the warm colour and robust nature of your garden benches this winter. Once you’ve taken care of your garden benches, you can add some warmth to your space with some twinkling fairy lights. An affordable decoration that’s easy to put up, fairy lights can be wound around the ornate backrest of a Lutyens bench for a cosy rest point or added to the plants in your garden to create a natural outdoor Christmas tree. Once your garden is illuminated by twinkling lights, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a winter wonderland every time you arrive home. 

Create your own white Christmas with snow-dusted pinecones

Whether you’ve got a pine tree in your garden or you’ve managed to collect some pinecones at your local park, pinecones are a fun, quick and easy way to decorate your home this Christmas. To create your own snow-covered Christmas decorations, all you’ll need is as many pinecones as you desire, glue and white glitter. Using a small paintbrush, add glue to the tips of your pinecones, then dip them in glitter for a snowy effect and leave to dry – it’s as easy as that! Once dried, these decorations make brilliant additions to mantle pieces and festive tables, but with the simple addition of a small hole and a piece of string, they also make fabulous tree ornaments.

Give your guests a warm welcome with a seasonal wreath

While wreaths are widely available at supermarkets, it’s impossible to beat the style of your own handcrafted design. Using your favourite materials from the garden, it’s easy to create a bespoke wreath that truly adds personality to your Christmas decorations. Using either thick wire or the frame of a coat hanger bent into shape, create the circular base for your wreath. Start by twisting the largest pieces of foliage around the base, securing with thinner wire or string, until the base is covered. Once covered, it’s time to add some statement pieces! Ivy and holly are seasonal favourites that are easy to find in the garden, adding festive cheer without breaking the bank. Again, make sure everything is nicely secure using wire or string. Finally, to ensure your creation is as Christmassy as possible, you can add some miniature baubles, ribbons and even glitter to your wreath. Once assembled, all that’s left to do is attach the decoration to your front door and enjoy the festive feeling you’ll get every time you arrive home.

These festive DIY ideas will ensure that kitting your home out for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Using the natural materials found in your garden, you can celebrate the features of your outdoor space, add some real personality to your seasonal decorations and truly get involved with the festivities this year.