5 Great Garden Benches for a Country Cottage Style

5 Great Garden Benches for a Country Cottage Style

A garden bench is the staple of any garden: what’s a luxuriously enchanting outdoor space, if there’s nowhere to relax and immerse yourself in the surroundings? Much thought and careful curation goes in to creating an endearing, quaint country cottage garden, and the same thoughtfulness should be applied to your seating choices. To help you along the way, we’ve picked out our top 5 benches that complement the archetypal cottage garden.


The weave-back design of the Kensington creates a bold visual impact reminiscent of the Victorian era’s love for geometric patterns. This ornate feel creates a uniqueness that sets it apart from its more traditional counterparts.

The Kensington would look splendid in the rich foliage of a traditional cottage garden – adding an additional dimension to your space and creating an alluring focal point when you gaze out of the window.


Being a Lutyens bench, designed by Sir Edward Lutyens, a pioneering British architect, the Highgrove is traditional but with modern simplicity. Its elegant scrolling arms and uniquely contoured backrest create an opulent, romantic aesthetic.

The Highgrove is oversized, rendering it more suited to larger spaces and would look superb against a backdrop of delicate roses for the perfect synthesis of subtlety and statement. That’s not to say you can’t make it work in a small-scale country cottage garden though. With careful thought, the Highgrove could stand loud and proud as your garden centrepiece.


The exquisitely understated demeanour of this curved garden bench is the pinnacle of traditional style. Its appearance has an organic feel, which creates a relaxing, casual atmosphere wherever it’s placed.

The Sandringham is a truly versatile choice. It would look spectacular against a wall of rambling roses or if you’d like it to take a more central position, frame your bench with an arbour of climbing flowers and vines that epitomise the country cottage garden, creating an oasis of secluded tranquillity.


The classic lines of the Balmoral offer a simplistic yet elegant design that looks fitting in a wide variety of landscape schemes. It is a great alternative to a completely straight bench, as it retains a classic look but is slightly more casual in appearance.

The Balmoral is excellent for smaller green spaces that are typical of quaint cottages as there’s a 2-seater version available – perfect for those cosy, intimate areas. Its graceful silhouette emulates the hills, allowing it to blend beautifully into the greenery of your garden.

St James

The timeless design of the St James ensures that your garden bench will look great for years to come.

The St James will look delightful wherever you choose to position it within your garden and comes in a range of sizes to accommodate most garden spaces. Whether you nestle it into a floral cascade or have it as more of a focal point, its classic look knows no boundaries. To create a real statement, frame your bench with a willow canopy and climbing flowers to create colour and warmth.

All of these benches are crafted from premium grade A teak – chosen for its quality and durability. Although teak lasts for many years with little to no maintenance, we do recommend you give your bench a dash of love once a year.

The rich foliage and intricate floral arrangements of country cottage gardens can encapsulate a myriad of memories, so make sure you have somewhere to sit and reminisce over those happy times. We’ve got the perfect seating match for your country cottage garden on our website.