Frequently Asked Questions

Why are teak garden benches preferred over other hardwood benches?

Teak wood is well known for its durability because the timber is abundant with natural oils which repel moisture. It won’t rot through even when exposed to the elements, and at most, the only maintenance it will require is for cosmetic purposes. Teak garden benches require very little upkeep and will provide owners with a hassle-free outdoor seating space they can enjoy year upon year. As well as being highly resistant to moisture, the high mineral content of teak also means that it’s protected against fungus and insects. Other hardwood benches are also very resiliant to the elements but as they lack the high oil content of teak, they will need periodic treatment to ensure they're protected against outdoor conditions.

Where is your wood sourced from?

All of our teak is sourced from licenced Indonesian plantations that are SVLK certified. This means that the teak used in our products has been sustainably harvested and legally felled. Our hardwood benches use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber. The FSC is a global organisation which aims to prevent illegal logging and all its members must be compliant with their requirements in order to receive certification. For more information, visit

What type of teak do you use?

We use Grade A teak for our products – the highest grade of teak available. This type of teak comes from the core or ‘heart’ of the tree which offers superior quality timber, free of large knots, cracks and discolouration. Teak heartwood is known for its beautiful honeyed tones and uniform, straight grain. The delicate appearance of this wood and its natural weather-resistant properties is what makes teak garden furniture so sought after.

What type of hardwoods do you use?

Our current range of hardwood benches encompasses products made of acacia, cornis and roble timber. Acacia is a tropical hardwood known for its attractive swirly grain and diverse colouration, which can vary from light to dark chocolate brown. Cornis is an FSC mix derived from khaya mahogany and has a rich, reddish-brown appearance. Roble is an exceptionally durable hardwood that has a similar longevity to teak when cared for properly. This makes it a superb alternative to teak if you want to furnish your garden on a budget. Just like teak, it also has a similar attractive golden-brown tone.

Are your garden benches pre-assembled?

All our benches come flat-packed and will arrive with fixtures and fittings included. They also come with an assembly diagram to show how the pieces fit together. If you need any tips on best practice, download our Assembly Guide which contains useful advice and troubleshooting information.

Can your teak and hardwood garden benches be kept outside all year?

Teak benches remain the most popular out of all the hardwoods because their moisture-repellent timber can be left outside all year without decaying. Their exceptional durability makes them a great choice for use as a park bench where they will be permanently fixed outdoors and exposed to the worst of the weather. While we do recommend purchasing a cover for any wooden bench to keep it free of windblown dirt and debris, owners of a teak bench are under no obligation to do so and can leave their benches to weather without any treatment or shelter. Hardwood benches will require a little more care and upkeep, however, this is usually limited to an annual cleaning and sealing with teak oil to ensure your bench is well-protected against the elements. Owners of hardwood benches can leave their furniture to weather naturally outside if desired, but to ensure the longevity of the product, we recommend storing them under shelter during the colder months.

Do your garden benches come with a guarantee?

All our Hoggman teak garden benches come with a 3 Year Guarantee but are expected to last a lifetime with appropriate care. Guarantee information can vary between non-Hoggman branded benches so please see individual product pages for more information.

What is SVLK?

SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) is a certification system implemented by the Indonesian government to verify that their timber has been harvested from a sustainable, legal source. All of the teak timber used in our products comes from SVLK certified plantations so you can purchase with absolute confidence.

What is FSC?

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, a global organisation that works to prevent deforestation, illegal logging practices and the introduction of genetically modified organisms within forestry worldwide. Certified members of the FSC must undergo rigorous checks and auditing processes to ensure that all of the timber used in their products is tracable and legally procured. For more information, visit

Are garden benches easy to maintain?

Teak benches are the easiest to maintain because they can be left outside year-round without being treated. Oil-rich teak timber is already water resistant so any further upkeep – e.g. to preserve the fresh colour of the wood – is purely optional. Full care instructions will be provided with your wooden garden bench on delivery and you can also download these guidelines here. Hardwood benches are also easy to maintain, however, we recommend they're treated annually to keep them protected against adverse weather. As they lack the natural oil content of teak, they need a little more assistance to keep them looking their best.

Do I need to use teak oil on my garden bench?

Teak garden benches can be left outside the year round without treatment but over time the exterior layer of the timber will weather to a light grey. While some bench owners are perfectly happy with this look, others may want to retain the light golden colour their bench originally had on purchase. To renew the colour of your teak bench, we offer our Hoggman Premium Teak Oil kits in an easy-to-apply aerosol, which also provides your furniture with an additional layer of protection against the elements. Our brand of teak oil produces a long-lasting finish that will only need annual reapplication. If you want a completely maintenance-free bench, you can let your teak weather naturally without any further treatments; however, if you prefer its original golden tones, our teak oil spray is highly recommended. Teak oil isn't just limited to use on teak benches – you can also use it on our other hardwood benches to keep them well-protected against our rainy UK climate. Other hardwoods lack the natural oil content of teak, so in this respect, it's even more imporant to treat hardwood benches annually as this will ensure their longevity.

Why does my garden bench have a small split?

Unlike man-made materials, wood is an ever-changing, organic fibre that constantly reacts to changes in its environment. Small cracks or splits may appear on your garden bench throughout the summer months when the temperature and air moisture levels change. When summer arrives, the temperature increases but the air moisture level drops. When this happens, your garden bench will start to dry out and possibly split in the process.

A split is not indicative of a fault or poor workmanship and it won’t affect the quality or longevity of your garden bench. It is simply a natural, unpreventable process that takes place in all living wood. Download our Garden Bench Care Guide for more information.

Should I buy a ground anchor?

Ground anchors are useful for keeping benches secured in place outside. They’re primarily used to prevent theft in public spaces but can also be used to provide extra stability during harsh weather. Our ground anchors are available in kits for soft earth, paving slabs and concrete and can be installed DIY in minutes. If you feel like you might want to move your bench, e.g. to store it indoors during winter or to move it into the sunshine during summer, then a ground anchor won’t be necessary. However, if you want extra piece of mind whilst your bench is left outdoors, they’re a wonderfully inexpensive way to prevent tampering.

Can I use cushions with my bench?

Outdoor bench cushions are a superb addition if you want to while away the hours in total comfort. We offer bench seat cushions in 2-, 3- and 4-seater sizes, which are available in two colours: forest green and pebble grey. Not all our benches are designed for use with these cushions – this includes our banana benches, tree benches and 5-seater benches due to their shape and size.

How does your engraving service work?

Memorial benches are a wonderful way of paying tribute to a loved one or for commemorating an important life event. If you want your bench to act as a memorial, visit our Engraving page and choose from three different sizes of plaque, then add your custom text in the text box to create a uniquely personal message. Please take care that your message is spelled correctly before finalising your order. Delivery for our plaques is entirely free and will take two days to arrive. To minimise delivery timescales, plaques are shipped separately to our benches and are intended for DIY attachment.