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Garden Benches

Environmental Guarantee

Tree Appeal Logo

We ensure that every tree taken from source is replaced.

Garden Benches Direct is partnered with Tree Appeal, an organisation dedicated to improving the and restoring natural habitats. For every Hoggman bench we sell, Tree Appeal will plant a tree the UK to support wildlife and promote healthy ecosystems.

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Garden Benches

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors provide a simple way to secure your garden bench to the floor, whether on soft earth, concrete, or paving slabs. Highly recommended for public spaces, like parks or village greens, ground anchors can prevent tampering and theft as well as providing increased stability in harsh weather. For peace of mind that your favourite place to sit isn’t in jeopardy, ground anchors are a worthy investment. 

We offer anchor kits for a variety of ground types, as well as options that include additional security fittings for extra protection. If you don’t think your bench will move position once you’ve arranged it in your garden, it’s well worth using our ground anchors to ensure it’s kept fixed in place. For peace of mind and permanent positioning, our ground anchors are the ideal solution.