Hoggman Teak Bench Guarantee

Teak furniture, both indoor and outdoor, is considered an investment for the future — something to hand down from generation to generation. Providing you exercise proper judgment, and appropriate care from time to time, a teak garden bench should last a lifetime, providing years of enjoyment as a trusty garden seat.

Our premium range of Hoggman garden benches are no exception. Manufactured from the highest quality grade A teak, our benches are designed to last summer after summer. That’s why all of our Hoggman garden benches come with a 3 Year Guarantee — testament to the craftsmanship of our benches and the timber’s outstanding natural resilience.

The Garden Benches Direct 3 Year Guarantee covers your Hoggman benches against structural defects and rotting — providing additional peace of mind that your bench can withstand both the trials and tribulations of the UK weather and constant use throughout the warmer months.

Misuse of your garden bench, minor splits, accidental damage, and vandalism is not covered by the 3 Year Guarantee. For peace of mind against vandalism, we sell a range of ground anchor kits with security screws and tamper-proof fixings. These security-conscious anchor kits help to discourage thieves and vandals by making it harder for your bench to be moved or stolen: an essential accessory if you’re concerned about criminal damage.

Regardless of the 3 Year Guarantee, teak is an organic fibre that will age over time, changing colour and fading to a silvery tone. Throughout summer, you may also notice superficial splits or cracks in the wood. This is part of the timber's natural processes and doesn’t have any adverse effect on your garden bench — read our care guide for more infomation and advice on bench splitting. To retain the warm tones of fresh timber, use our Hoggman Premium Teak Oil once a year to revitalise the wood.

Whether you decide to leave your Hoggman garden bench to age naturally or choose to retain the warmth of fresh teak, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your garden bench is protected by our 3 Year Guarantee.

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