Sustainable Garden Benches


Garden Benches Direct is committed to sourcing sustainable, ethical, and legal timber for all our garden benches.

The timber for our Hoggman teak benches is sourced from Indonesian forests, all of which is SVLK certified and V-Legal: the Indonesian standard for timber legality, export, and sustainable forest management. The SVLK scheme was the first of its kind to satisfy EU regulations, allowing Indonesian timber to be sold in Europe with a FLEGT license. FLEGT licenses comply with EU regulations governing the prohibition of illegally harvested timber for the EU market. You can view the FLEGT license for our teak timber here — which allows us to import SVLK certified wood into the UK, safe in the knowledge that it's been sustainably sourced and felled, with no harm done. 

Indonesia is the 3rd largest exporter of timber in the world, with 129 million hectares of forest covering 70% of the entire country. Between 2000 and 2012, Indonesia lost 6 million hectares of forest to illegal logging, an area almost the same size as Ireland. Thankfully, by purchasing SVLK accredited timber for our Hoggman teak garden benches, we are contributing to the responsible logging of Indonesian forests.

The timber for our hardwood garden benches comes from FSc approved plantations. The FSc, or Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organisation with a global presence, allowing consumers to identify and purchase timber, paper, and other forest products, from sustainably sourced forests and recycled materials. Easily recognisable from the “tree tick” logo, the FSc provides reassurance that every aspect of the process, from forest management through the various chains of supply, is sustainable – adhering to a rigid 10-point check that is independently undertaken. The FSc accreditation provides assurance that the timber used in our hardwood garden benches does not contribute to illegal logging, the violation of human rights throughout the forestry process, or the destruction of wildlife habitat – a benefit for local communities, businesses, and most importantly, our forests.

On top of our sustainably sourced and responsible timber, to ensure our garden benches have a positive environmental impact, we’ve partnered with Tree Appeal; an independent organisation that focuses on promoting biodiversity in the UK and the rest of the world. Through Tree Appeal, for every Hoggman teak garden bench we sell, a tree will be planted somewhere in the UK. This will help regenerate our country's ecosystem and offset the damage caused by illegal logging in the rest of the world.

Garden Benches Direct believes in protecting our environment for the future and will continue to invest in sustainably sourced timber for all our products. Whichever garden bench you purchase from us, you can rest assured that it's been sustainably sourced and felled – helping to contribute to worldwide responsible timber logging.