Tree Appeal

Garden Benches Direct is committed to maintaining and protecting the planet’s natural resources. To ensure we make a positive environmental impact, we’re proud to be partnered with Tree Appeal – an organisation that works to promote biodiversity, create wildlife habitats, and plant as many trees as possible each year. Founded in 2005, Tree Appeal has planted over 300,000 trees in 10 years, with worldwide businesses helping to fund the process. Tree Appeal works tirelessly to offset the damage done by deforestation and commercial plantations – promoting a rich, diverse, and healthy ecosystem.

Tree Appeal logo

To ensure we’re protecting our forests for the future, every time you buy one of our Hoggman teak garden benches we plant a tree in the UK to support local wildlife habitats. Tree Appeal focuses on native broadleaf species that are fast becoming threatened, such as oak, beech, and hazel, and all of their trees are grown locally from hand-collected seeds.

The timber for all our Hoggman benches comes from SVLK certified Indonesian plantations. These accredited plantations aim to stamp out illegal timber logging and encourage local businesses and governments to consider the wider ecological implications of the timber trade. Our range of hardwood benches come from Vietnamese forests and are all FSc approved. This means when you purchase any of our garden benches, you’re directly contributing to safe and sustainable timber logging, whether you opt for teak or any of our other hardwood timbers.

Forests cover roughly 31% of our planet’s land surface, supporting a delicate and complex ecosystem that nurtures the entire globe. A staggering amount of this forest, an estimated 10 to 13 million hectares (roughly the size of New York), is lost to deforestation and unsustainable practises each year. The destruction of our forests has a catastrophic impact on all forms of life, from the largest mammals to the smallest insects. Through our work with Tree Appeal, and by using SVLK and FSc certified timber, Garden Benches Direct is helping to counteract this damage, one garden bench at a time.