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Garden Benches

Environmental Guarantee

Tree Appeal Logo

We ensure that every tree taken from source is replaced.

Garden Benches Direct is partnered with Tree Appeal, an organisation dedicated to improving the and restoring natural habitats. For every Hoggman bench we sell, Tree Appeal will plant a tree the UK to support wildlife and promote healthy ecosystems.

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Garden Benches

5 Seater Garden Benches

Our public parks and picturesque country walks would be nothing without the benches that allow us to stop and take in their natural beauty. A welcome break for travel-weary walkers and daydreamers alike, a 5-seater garden bench is the ideal choice for public spaces like parks or village greens, as well as larger private gardens. In keeping with garden bench tradition, our range of 5-seater benches are classically styled with straight arms and backrests. For robust seating that can accommodate as many people as possible, 5-seater garden benches are the perfect solution.

Teak is particularly suited to permanent use outside as it's a weather-resistant, high-quality timber. Due to its natural weather resistance, teak can be left outside all year without rotting and requires little to no maintenance. The perfect choice for public spaces where the bench is unlikely to be taken inside throughout harsh weather. If you’re looking for a sturdy park bench, take a look at our range for inspiration and choose from a selection of straight-backed garden bench designs.